Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning helps reveal where gaps may exist in your current workforce, and helps you to plan for the sustainable growth of your Not-for-Profit organisation.

Developing the right systems and matching people to maximise the efficiencies of those systems is challenging. When managing your Not-for-Profit organisation workforce, you need to consider legislative, regulatory, and governance factors, as well as the following key challenges in today’s world – strategic workforce planning.

Human Resource Challenges of Not-For -Profit Organisations

Lack of Loyalty

Workers of today, have little loyalty to an employer compared with previous generations. This means you must consider how to attract and keep the best people for as long as possible.

Filling Highly Technical Roles

With the advances in technology, it is becoming more common to require workers to have highly technical skill sets that are also in high demand. This can cause delays in the recruitment process that need to be planned for.


In most cases, Not-for-Profit and NDIS Providers must adhere to a higher level of governance and regulations than for profit businesses. This can make hiring the right people a slow and tedious process.


As your organisation grows, strategic workforce planning becomes even more important as you must anticipate and plan for your future staffing requirements. Failing to do so will stunt your growth, and you will not be able to support as many people as you know you ought to be.


Aan you utilise a remote workforce, or do you require your team to be under the same roof? Or is a combination the best way to achieve your hiring and staff retention goals? There is much to be considered when managing an effective workforce, so your organisation can deliver your services efficiently.

These are just some of the challenges facing your human resource department. There are also numerous hidden challenges that often go unnoticed until you undertake strategic workforce planning.

Our CINCH Transformation Program which has achieved an average 12-month uplift of $494,000 across the Not-for-Profit and NDIS providers we have worked with, includes strategic workforce planning.

Some of the benefits we have brought to our clients using strategic workforce planning have been:

  1. Identification of skill shortages or excesses
  2. Enhancing employee productivity and retention
  3. Reduction in service providing costs


Human capital is your most valuable asset and can be the most challenging aspect of your business to manage. By undertaking strategic workforce planning, many of the HR frustrations and pitfalls that usually plague Not-for-Profit organisations can be avoided.

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There are also numerous hidden challenges that often go unnoticed until you undertake strategic workforce planning.

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