Giving Back

At CINCH Transform, we believe in giving back and contributing wherever we can to make a difference. Giving is part of our DNA.

The Lift Project

The Lift Project is an evidence based wellbeing program that uniquely brings together scientifically-proven strategies drawn from research in the fields of Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology. We are committed to the mental health and well-being of our client’s front line team. So much so, we select up to 30 deserving team members to participate and benefit every year. Visit Seeds Newcastle for more information.


We understand how important fundraising dollars are to for purpose or non-profits and NDIS Providers revenue mix. That’s why we are passionate about supporting and contributing to local non-profits and NDIS Providers directly. We donate as often as we can to various fundraising drives to our chosen non-profits, in fact, many of our very own clients, all incredible NDIS Providers who make a difference. The next sees us provide “giving impacts” to those less fortunate than ourselves abroad.

Through our partnership with, where people who would be cared for by NDIS here in Australia simply don’t have access to that support in their country, we give. This means for example, each and every time we engage clients, successfully complete a Business Review & Report, or a bespoke project with a client, send an invoice or bring a new team member – we give to non-profit projects around the world who are actively making a difference to the world’s most vulnerable.

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