Case Studies

We believe a community is defined by how it supports its most vulnerable.

This is why we are so passionate about helping you, help more people in need.

In the case studies below, you’ll discover how we’ve applied the CINCH Transformation Program in organisations like yours, to improve service capacity. In addition, you’ll find, in most cases, we also helped improve their level of service through greater organisational efficiencies.

Aboriginal health provider

Business plan & transition to the NDIS

Market – Allied health, therapy & support coordination

Company size – 10 employees

Clients – 0 pre to 25+ post

Aged care

Understanding costs & staff capacity

Market – Home care and commonwealth home support

Clients – 43 to 87 plans and growing

NDIS early childhood provider

Culture & leadership transformation

Market – NDIS early childhood provider

Company size – 27 employees (fte)

Clients – 400+

NDIS Community Disability Provider

Revenue growth opportunities

Market – NDIS early childhood provider & early childhood care

Company size – 70 employees

Clients – 268

NDIS Personal Care Services

Business improvement & transformation

Market – DIS personal care services

Company size – 12 employees

Clients – 70

What Our Clients Have to Say

Sue Hellier
Chief Executive Officer
Family Support Newcastle

“They are respectful, responsive, patient and efficient. Working with CINCH Transform has made a huge difference to Family Support Newcastle, to receive accurate, timely financial information is wonderful. I didn’t realise I would be so excited about financial reports.”

Alice Lans
Chief Executive Officer
Noah’s Inclusion Services

We engaged CINCH Transform a couple of years ago because we were facing significant financial challenges in the transition to the NDIS. We needed someone who could help us turn things around financially. We also wanted to maintain our culture of supporting families and keep staff morale high through all the changes. We needed experts in managing finances and operations under the NDIS and we needed someone to help us make the turnaround quickly.

Within a few months we had made significant changes, we had clarity behind the numbers, performance improved, and the Board had increased confidence that things were moving in the right direction and staff were engaged in the process. We are on track with our strategic planning and are positioned to take advantage of opportunities for growth while maintaining a high quality service to more of our clients.

All the staff at CINCH Transform are wonderful to work with. We have achieved great success in many areas of our organisation due to the expertise, commitment, understanding, experience and professionalism of their financial and HR staff. They just ‘get it’!

They have also been able to adapt and modify supports as our needs change which means that we can maintain a really positive, functional and relevant relationship. I don’t like to think about where we would be if we hadn’t engaged CINCH when we did and I can honestly say that I don’t think we would be the thriving organisation we are today, without their support.

David Clarke
Chief Executive Officer
ParaQuad NSW/NT and BrightSky Australia

“Our relationship with CINCH has been both important and aligned – the perfect combination for working with any provider. I am truly thankful that …steered us in your direction and following from that we have such a clear path to follow.”

Mitch Griffiths
Rapsey Griffiths

“We engaged CINCH Transform to manage the back-office finance function of a small to medium sized Disability Provider of which we had been appointed Voluntary Administrators. CINCH know the NDIS well and were able to maintain systems, support frontline services, prepare reports, and maintain cashflow and fill vacancies in the finance team as they became vacant which allowed us to find a suitable outcome for staff and clients. David and the team resolved many complex issues around the NDIA and effectively communicated throughout the process saving us time and money.”

“We have engaged CINCH in a number of projects and they have delivered on each occasion. CINCH Finance & Operations come highly recommended.”

Rani Dibley
Ex-General Manager
Hunter Prelude

“David and his team absolutely turned things around and taught us change wasn’t necessarily a bad thing and that it actually had a lot of positives for the organisation.”

David Carey
Chief Executive Officer
ConnectAbility Australia Ltd

“We were struggling to understand our unit costs and cost drivers transitioning to the NDIS. David and the team were very quickly able to identify and pull together the financial detail which has enabled us to go forward with confidence into the new world of the NDIS.”

Mark Turley
Chief Executive Officer
Connect Child and Family Services

“The transition into the NDIS has been a steep learning curve for our organisation but to have the professional support of CINCH Transform in that journey has been invaluable. The team at CINCH really understand our organisation and their expert guidance regarding costs, pricing structure and team performance has enabled us to build a more sustainable NDIS program.”

Robert Sams
Executive Director
Lifeline Australia

The team at CINCH has supported Lifeline in many areas of our organisation, with a focus on strategy around financial management, since 2014.

This initially included leading our ‘business as usual’ (BAU) finance activities as an outsourced CFO that then progressed to working on projects that supported a continuous improvement approach to our systems and processes.

As Lifeline Direct grew, David and his team at CINCH worked with us as we merged other Lifeline locations into our organisation. With this in mind, the CINCH team have been instrumental to the implementation of LLD and have been a great support to our team as we prepared our organisation for future growth.

I recommended David and his team as a group of passionate people who are prepared to both “roll up their sleeves” as well as thinking strategically in support of your organisational goals. All along the way, you will be dealing with a team that really cares about the future of your organisation.

Various Frontline Employees
Leadership Session
Noah’s Inclusion Services

Call to Nicole on Thursday 27/8/20: called to thank Nicole for her support. Some feedback I heard:

  • “I can’t believe how amazingly well the strategies work”
  • “You are brilliant – the best coach ever”
  • “I have realised that being respectful and clear in my feedback was much kinder than being nice.”
  • “I need to set and manage clear expectations, I now realise it is the staff members choice and they are accountable for their actions or non-actions.”
  • “I feel liberated and love working with you”

Sylvana Mahmic
Chief Executive Officer

“CINCH Transform have been amazing, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the knowledge, experience and guidance we have received from David and the team. We have been working with CINCH for 4 years and during this time they have worked closely with us to understand our finances and how to make the changes needed to ensure we are sustainable into the future.
We highly recommend CINCH to other organisations in this sector.”

Steve Osbourne
Deputy Chair
ParaQuad NSW/NT and BrightSky Australia

“The team from CINCH Transform are quite remarkable. We engaged them to run a quantitative analysis and audit of crucial business unit efficiencies. Anticipating some internal pushback, we were delighted with their professional approach to sensitive topics. Unlike other forensic consulting firms, we noticed an immediate positive cultural blend between the CINCH folk and our people, resulting in open & honest interactions, and extremely meaningful outcomes.”

Campbell Hudson

“CINCH assisted us in a specific project which required complex calculations, attention to detail, award interpretation and analysis. CINCH demonstrated excellent project management skills in processing data from multiple sources, offered practical solutions to problems and delivered the analysis on time and on budget. We were impressed with their approach, knowledge of the NDIS and quality of work. CINCH ensured our client’s needs were met by addressing issues in a timely manner and keeping us updated on progress. We also found their communication open and effective.”

“CINCH Finance & Operations has a strong focus on data integrity, client satisfaction, thinking strategically and simplifying complex issues. CINCH maintained confidentiality and allowed us to fulfil our client’s needs while meeting expectations. We have enjoyed working with the CINCH team and look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Robert Sams
Executive Director
Lifeline Australia

“..leading our ‘business as usual’ (BAU) finance activities as an outsourced CFO which then progressed to working on projects which supported a continuous improvement approach to our systems and processes.”

Kimberly Lewis
General Manager
Hunter Prelude

“Hunter Prelude has been working with CINCH Transform for five years to support us through the transition to the NDIS. CINCH were experts in understanding what we needed to be financially sustainable.”

“The support from CINCH has led to successful change management within our organisation while supporting our team.”

“We have been able to work in partnership with CINCH to manage our resources and create more opportunities to support children & their families.”

“Working with the CINCH team has been an invaluable investment for our organisation and we look forward to growing stronger with their support into the future.”

Darleen Taylor
General Manager
Firstchance Inc.

“We didn’t even realise we needed accountancy support until the NDIS came along. It was imperative we understood a whole range of things we previously didn’t need to understand. With CINCH on board, we were able to understand what it is we needed to do, right then and there. That was what really mattered when things were moving as quickly as they were. We were also able to take a breath and think about the what-if’s.”

Josh Reed
Bullinah Aboriginal Health Services

“The team at CINCH provided expert financial knowledge and support to Bullinah AHS for transitioning into NDIS service delivery. CINCH’s team were very reliable and efficient in their communication, as well as delivered effectively upon service requests.”

Mark Turley
Chief Executive Officer
Connect Child and Family Services

“Their specialist knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions also assisted us in a very successful merger process and they continue to provide important analysis to inform both the strategic decisions of our Board and the day to day management provided by our operations team.”

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