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Find out why knowing your numbers is so important, and how it leads to making great decisions for your organisation.

Be introduced to the 10-phase methodology the CINCH Transform team uses to help clients understand their numbers illustrating what you need to know about sustaining your organisation and enabling you to deliver services to more people in need across your community.

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You are a person driven by purpose and hold values to serve people in our communities. Often people managing these types of organisations have a passion to help more people in need, don’t necessarily have the business background to make a profit.

This book will help you focus on the key areas to sustainably run your organisation and bring clarity to every decision you make, ensuring quality services are delivered, more customers are served and profitability improves.

About the Author

David is the Founding Director of CINCH Transform and alongside over two decades of knowledge and international experience he brings to every CINCH client, David brings an intelligence, clarity, an approachability that’s uncommon in financial services, and a real heart for non-profits and the work they do.
David creates something unique for his clients, away from traditional management accounting and finance, his passion and skill is making what’s truly possible for an organisation – from increased revenues, profits, cash surpluses, controls, productivity and most importantly for David, supporting more people in need.

Real shifts in results, key drivers, programs, completion rates, strength of the business and indeed, bank balances.

Thanks to the CINCH Transformation Program, David and his team can quite literally see what’s possible for your organisation with absolute clarity and, in working with leadership, your front-line team, can help others see what’s possible too … This makes real financial and organisational change, so you get back to doing more of what your purpose is setup to do.

David is also deft in building strong, positive client relationships – more like partnerships – and making the financial numbers much more relevant and meaningful for the key leadership and in fact, front line team of any non-profit.

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