Change Management Software Implementation

As your organisation grows, you need systems, processes and oftentimes software, to ensure you continue to deliver your services efficiently.

It is one thing to understand this, and it is another to implement change, because change can cause apprehension and anxiety – aka pushback!

Embracing Change

As an example, implementing new software into an organisation can be complicated because it affects processes, can lead to departmental changes, and may result in having to eliminate or add jobs.

Change management software implementation recognises the above, and therefore plans for, and includes all stakeholders in the upgrade. This results in less push back, lower anxiety amongst employees and quicker acceptance of the new system.

Our Change Management Software Implementation Process

Other than budgetary considerations, there are two main areas to be considered when undertaking this implementation:

Firstly, is the new system to be integrated with existing systems? These implementations can be technically challenging and must be modelled correctly from the beginning to avoid unnecessary delays.

The next consideration in change management software implementation, is assisting management and employees to embrace and accept the new system with enthusiasm.

To achieve this, we seek input from everyone affected by the change. Then we analyse and determine all the potential roadblocks. This helps us create a plan and timelines for the gradual and successful implementation.

As we begin the implementation, we keep all management and employees informed of what to expect and when. We also provide training as it is required, to empower those who will be actively using the new system.

We encourage feedback from employees as the upgrade is rolled out. By being actively involved in something that is benefitting the growth of the organisation, your workers will have less resistance to the change.

Change management software implementation can be challenging for any Not-for-Profit organisation. However, when planned for intelligently and implemented gradually, the process can be completed with minimum friction. The result is upgraded efficiencies across your entire organisation.

Due to the complexities, if you are considering implementing new software, you may need change management software implementation experts like us to assist you.

This service is part of our proprietary CINCH Transformation Program that has achieved and average 12-month uplift of $494,000 across the Not-for-Profit organisations and NDIS Providers we have worked with.

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By being actively involved in something that is benefitting the growth of the organisation, your workers will have less resistance to the change.

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