Organisation Culture Benchmark and Analysis

Organisation culture transition, following benchmarking and analysis, becomes necessary when industries, markets and economies change.

It is necessary to keep up with the changes as they happen, or risk being left behind.

Having assisted numerous Not-for-Profit businesses with organisation culture transition, we understand it is a challenging time for leadership teams and for staff alike.

We have successfully employed our proprietary CINCH Transition Program, that has achieved an average 12-month uplift of $494,000 across the Not-for-Profit organisations and NDIS providers we have worked with, whilst also improving culture in the process.

How do we do it?

While there are countless variables we consider before implementing any change in an organisation, there are basic principles we adhere to in the process:

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

When undertaking an organisation culture transition, we take the time to engage all people within the organisation who will be affected by the change – from senior management all the way down to those on the front line.

We take the time to listen to all stakeholders at all levels and model scenarios of how each level of the organisation and individuals will be affected by the proposed changes.

It’s only after everyone’s voices have been heard and acknowledged, the most appropriate model for change is agreed upon. We then begin implementation.

Our process of organisation culture transition takes about twelve months on average. It is important it is a gradual transition, so there is little resistance, and it is embraced enthusiastically by all concerned.

Never Deviate from Core Values and Principles

As a Not-for-Profit organisation, your core values and principles will be aligned with supporting people in need and being able to service as many people as possible.

When undertaking organisation culture transition, these values and principles must be at the centre of every decision made, and at the core of all business modelling.

By always relating decision making and modelling back to your core values and mission, you will develop the best possible culture. This results in greater productivity and better alignment with any changes in the industry, market, or economy.

Benefits of Organisation Culture Transition

Although not always and easy process, when organisation culture transition is undertaken intelligently and implemented gradually, the outcomes will include:

  • Increased employee productivity and engagement
  • Greater adaptability to market and economic changes
  • Improved efficiency in delivery services to those in need
  • Ability to support more of society’s most vulnerable people


There is nothing worse for an organisation than to be left behind and become irrelevant, especially when that organisation exists to support people in need. To remain relevant and effective in your mission, it may require undertaking organisation cultural transition.

While most people initially resist change, when it is undertaken sensitively and over an appropriate time frame, it can be one of the most exhilarating and positive decisions you will ever make for you organisation and team.

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While most people initially resist change, it can be one of the most exhilarating and positive decisions you will ever make for you organisation and team.

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