Organisational Review

The purpose of our organisational review, is to collect, analyse and interpret key information that will strengthen the financial health and culture of Not-for-Profit organisations and NDIS Providers. In your organisational review, we assess all critical Financial and Operational Areas of your business. Our goal is to identify which areas are performing well, and which ones require improvement.

What You Can Expect from Our Organisational Review

We will assess your Key Drivers:


This means gaining an objective view of your cash position, cash flow and liquidity. With a better understanding of how you generate cash and how you can use it more efficiently, you’ll be able to make a bigger impact and support more people.


By exploring your tangible and intangible assets, we will help you meet your obligations with ease, take advantage of opportunities, and weather any unforeseen economic circumstances.


We want to understand how effectively your organisation is turning revenue into profit. The more profitable you are, the more money you can re-invest in providing support services for more people.


Your growth is measured in terms of both revenue and profit, and ultimately in how many people you can service. In our organisational review, we will identify areas of potential growth.


People make decisions and provide services in your organisation, and people are who you service and support. In our organisational review, we identify the wants, needs and expectations of all stakeholders, employees, and clients. This will help you meet and exceed these wants, needs and expectations. In the process, we will also help you develop a positive culture that facilitates individual empowerment, innovation, efficiency, and growth.

On top of these key drivers, we will also dive deeply into your waitlist opportunities, as well as your systems and processes. The goal is to help you become more efficient in the areas that could be more productive.

Our Organisational Review, the first phase of our CINCH Transformation Program, is designed to identify how you can make your organisation more efficient, so you can support more people in need.

In this process, we’ll uncover your biggest challenges, and reveal where the greatest improvements can be made, in the shortest time frame possible.

Get Your Complimentary Copy of The Early Years 2020 ECI Benchmarking Report

Access to this report will allow you to compare your organisation to industry benchmarks, and help identify areas performing well, and those needing improvement.

We’ll uncover your biggest challenges and reveal where the greatest improvements can be made, in the shortest time frame possible.

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