How to Create a Sustainable Disability Services Organisation

As a disability services & support organisation, you provide support for some of our community’s most vulnerable people.

Providing individual services for the manifold obstacles these people face is challenging, and when you add on top, you must also make a profit to be able to serve more people, your challenges are multiplied.

So, how can you identify your gaps and opportunities and develop a plan to run a profitable organisation while still delivering your services?

Firstly, you must understand the lay of the land. You must conduct a full review of your entire organisation. Only then will you have the data necessary to make decisions that will foster the sustainable growth of your disability services & support organisation.

Conducting a Business Review

You’ll need to review all your critical finance and operational areas. In the process, you’ll need to assess your key drivers, your systems, your team, your culture, your productivity, your capacity, your cash flow, your risk and your opportunities.

Once you collate all the data, you’ll be able to assess your key drivers and unit costs to determine your budgeting requirements and cash flow forecasts.

The next step is to undertake business scenario modelling which will help you determine the best systems and processes to implement today, to achieve the growth you would like to achieve in the future.

Your decisions may include making changes to your back-office operations, implementing new software to support your projected growth, changing job descriptions to create higher skills efficiency and redefining roles of management.

Other things to consider are how to reduce your waitlist times, identify new revenue opportunities and how you can monitor future operations for quality control and continuous improvement.

If you don’t have the capacity in house to undertake this review, you may consider engaging a specialist in Not-for-Profit and NDIS Provider business transformation specialist to assist.

Making your disability services & support organisation stronger financially, achieving critical outcomes, and building a longer-lasting, more sustainable business is what we do – every single day.

Using our proprietary CINCH Transformation Program, we have achieved an average 7.4% uplift for the Not-for-Profit organisations and NDIS Providers we have partnered with.

So, if you want to see how invested we are in a sector we service or have an interest in Early Childhood Intervention, we invite you to download a copy of The Early Years 2020 ECI Benchmarking Report.

Get Your Complimentary Copy of The Early Years 2020 ECI Benchmarking Report

This report is a great place to begin. The information in this report, will allow you to compare your organisation to industry benchmarks, and help you identify areas performing well, and those needing improvement – the basis of great decision making!

Once you collate all the data, you’ll be able to assess your key drivers and unit costs to determine your budgeting requirements and cash flow forecasts.

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